Get 10,000 Likes on Facebook

Why Your Facebook Business Page Needs 10,000 Likes

There are many reasons why you should get 10,000 Likes on your Facebook Page.  Here are three of them:

  1. When potential customers are researching your business, they will look for reviews and check your social media.  Consciously or subconsciously, people see "Likes" as endorsements.  If your competitor has 700 likes and you have 10,000 you have more credibility than they do. Numbers of 10,000 or more are rare enough in most local business areas that you will stand out and be seen as an expert even if your business is less established than your competitors.  

  2. Facebook has changed their algorithm and although they do not release the exact information, experts believe that this new change means that less than 10% of your Facebook Fans see posts from your business page.  That means the competitor who has 700 likes will have his posts shown to 70 or less of his Facebook Fans. When you have 10,000 likes your posts will be seen by hundreds of people AND if 15 -20 of them like or comment on your post, Facebook will boost that post as a "Top Story" and allow more of your fans to see it.

  3. Finally, if you want to advertise on Facebook, BEFORE you have 10,000 likes, the default charge in Facebook for a "Like" or a "View" or whatever action you want taken on your ad will be $5 per "action."  After 10,000 likes, you can get the cost down to 15¢ - $1.00 per "action".  


So HOW Do you get 10,000 Likes?

You can do it yourself by carefully planning an ad campaign, designing and managing the ads or...

The easiest way and the ONLY guaranteed way, is hire us!

We guarantee to get your business Facebook page 10,000 likes from real people.  We have dozens of highly successful templates that have already been proven to work. We generated hundreds of thousands of likes for our clients and we know how to keep the cost down.  

The default cost per like in Facebook Ads Manager is $5.00 per like! Ouch!

 We guarantee to get you 10,000 likes or we pay for continued ads until we get you 10,000 likes. 



Silver Plan

We guarantee to get you 10,000 new likes to your Facebook Business Page for $500.

This plan requires you to give us "Advertising Access" to your Facebook Business Page for approximately 30 days. We will design and run the ads for you and once we have 10,000 likes you can remove us as Admin and manage your own page.  This plan also includes our free eBook which teaches you how to get the most out of Facebook Advertising.

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Premium Plan

In our Premium Plan you pay $1,399.

We get you a guaranteed 10,000 likes within 30 days and we provide a full year membership to our platform which will allow you to post unlimited ads on your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages all from within the software which also aggregates content and brands it with your custom ad.  We give you great content, all you have to do is post it and you ad shows up on your Facebook Page(s), Linkedin and Twitter feeds.  This is a $3,000 value for only $1,399.